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    I actually had Kevin (the other member that was part of this discussion) work on the issue overnight to get the theme working to it’s current state. I see that the main ad image still doesn’t slide as I think it should.

    Guillermo, when I look at the HelloCurl Demo site on HelloThemes, the Mae pages only shows the following in a white box (were the Main Ad, Featured Products, and Callouts should be): “There was no Home CMS page configured or found.”

    I’m going to email you the login details to our server in the next hour. I’m in Western Canada, and a late riser, so i’m just getting going.

    I do need to get this sorted, as I was only using the current site as a test run, and will need to setup the store on another domain. Basically was using this domain to work out the kinks. So, I do need to understand what the process is to get the theme working correctly.