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    Hello again,

    Ok, I installed the latest version of the Hellominty theme and it worked perfectly on the website, therefore. We’ve done quite a lot of customisation to the theme anyway so I was hoping we were able to morph them together.

    I’m happy to pay for someone to take care of this as someone who knows the template system of Magento will probably find this relatively easy. I got quite far in getting the website in matching, but I couldn’t get the vertical menu system to work on the homepage.

    I’ve reverted back to putting the v1.3.2.1 of the template on so the homepage doesn’t load again. One the page.xml file has been updated and a few of the additional template files, you can see the site start to work again, a lot of things don’t appear as there are obviously things that need updated, I’d guess that once the new tags are in, it will all work.

    Any help you can provide would be perfect!!

    Many thanks