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    Sorry for my poor explanation but were on the dead line and this is the only problem we have to finish the project.

    We have 2 folders in

    One called "helloglam" with images in spanish and all skin files this is setted up as default template and it´s really working on the catalogue page.

    The second is called "helloglam_en" and contains the english version images.

    We have a english version of the store running and you can check it in the homepage. the images are changing depending language selected and text is allready working on english.

    The problem is that when we access to the catalogue english version, english images are not loaded. The system does not load the "helloglam_en" folder and images. We have defined the different folder for images at english version of the store on the admin/system/configuration/design/Skin (Images / CSS)

    Please give me a solution...

    If you need i can give you access to the admin area...

    My email is [email protected]