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    Hey, good news. I found this easy solution ex.…

    Hi all Magento Gigs,

    Recently I uploaded one of my projects which I was working on my local computer into a clients Godaddy Hosting Server.

    Everything went good with the transfer site got running with minor tweaks in .htaccess files and php.ini file tweaks suggested in the .htaccess file of Magento root directory.

    But after this I noticed that None of my product images are displaying as it should both in admin backend and on frontend of website. When i tried visiting the image path e.g., it returned a 404 Not Found Error for all product images although the images are on the correct location and provided correct path.

    I surfed many help sites with many of the suggestions and tried everything but that was not working for me and finally after a lot of hectic trials i got the solution for it.

    Just Rename your .htaccess file inside the /media directory to .htaccess-old. This will absolutely resolve your image issue.

    I hope this will help many of you and you will not have to surf plenty of sites for such an issue.


    Make sure you’re changing the right .htaccess file. I see there are more than one, but I’m new at this gig (can’t afford a web developer these days!).