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    So to answer my own question: Open ‘theme/skin/frontend/default/helloresponsive/js/custom.js’

    The code which controls the location and visibility of the ‘Add to Cart’ button is:

    $jQ(‘.product-actions’).css({top:’50%’,left:’50%’,margin:’-'+($jQ(‘.product-actions’).height() / 2)+’px 0 0 -’+($jQ(‘.product-actions’).width() / 2)+’px’});
    $jQ(‘.products-grid li’).each(function() {
    var view = $jQ(this).find(‘.product-actions, .add-to-links’);
    $jQ(‘.catalog-image’, this).hover(function() {
    opacity: 1
    }, 200);
    }, function() {
    opacity: 0
    }, 200, function() {