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    I have a couple qnostieus about your Clearview theme. I am not a designer so please bear with my lack of knowledge. I need to create a new website for my company (we compose music and sound effects for games) and I’m interested in possibly using Clearview. So my qnostieus are the following: 1) Music functionality: Is Clearview able to accomodate auto-playing music files when you land on a page. For the site I’m planning to build, I’d like to have the ability to have music auto-playing when you reach the homepage and possibly different music auto-playing when you reach other pages, as well as the ability for the user to toggle music on/off 2) On the homepage, you have a window with rotating images. Can that rotating image be hyperlinkable on each image OR can there be a text overlay created that is hyperlinkable to other pages?Eric