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    … October 4, 2010Hello Mark,How are you? I just started with Shopify, and rlleay liked the Threadify theme that you design, so I ended choosing the Threadify theme as my website layout.You never had a Contact Us link on your theme, and I tried to look for a spot to add the Contact Us link, but to no avail. The only thing I could do is to change from About Us to Contact Us , which is located right next to the word Check Out on the web site. But to get a link, so people can e-mail me if they have any questions, I couldn’t do it because I can’t find it.If you can please reply to me, and help me out with that issue, I rlleay, rlleay appreciate all your time. I do apologize for bothering you, even when I know you’re super busy, but the customer’s representative couldn’t help me, and I couldn’t help myself for the last 3 days, I have no choice but to turn to you for help!! Thank you very much and I look forward to hear from you soon!!A Much Desperate Seeker and Best Regards,Bellanie Salcedo