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    I also seem to have hit this problem with HelloWired Product tabs are not displaying although firebug sugests the div class: product-tabs is there

    I’ve re-installed the theme and checked the main magento forum
    Opening up firebug and comparing the demo store with mine there seems to be a difference under product-collateral. Mine has “ul class=tabs” and hello themes demo refers to “ul class=product-tabs” (example of the 2 below)
    <div class=”product-collateral”>
    <ul class=”tabs”>
    <div class=”padder”> </div>
    <div class=”product-collateral”>
    <ul id=”" class=”product-tabs”>

    It could be unrelated but I’m wondering if the theme has changed between the demo and mine (HelloWired_Free_Theme_1_4-1.0)

    The URL is