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    ok a quick update on this

    i worked out the problem as such there was a </action> missing in your code

    <action method="addTab" translate="title" module="tag"><alias>tags</alias><title>Product Tags</title><block>tag/product_list</block><template>tag/list.phtml</template></action></block>

    but now i have 2 product tabs i need the bottom one removing.

    i cant find another "tag" within the xml

    ----- after 3 hours -----

    ok please will someone check what i am about to write to see if i could have done some damage else where.......

    I tried many things to fix this but i wasn't going to give up i found the file

    and deleted the following code

    <reference name="">
                <block type="tag/product_list" name="product_tag_list" before="-" template="tag/list.phtml">
                    <block type="page/html_wrapper" name="product.tag.list.list.before" as="list_before" translate="label">
                        <label>Tags List Before</label>
                        <action method="setMayBeInvisible"><value>1</value></action>

    from lines 69-77

    i uploaded the file and it seems to have worked......... :wink:

    but i am worried it might cause issues else where, could a member of hellothemes verify the problem and tell me if this was stupid of me.

    here is a list on how i have tested to see if there is a error :?

    The product tags used to be in the left bar before doing this but now its gone i don't mind losing it as the left bar is kinda empty anyway.

    i added a tag and that seems to work ok

    my mobile theme has not got the product tags in any more but i really not fused about that as the tags still works in the search function.

    as you can tell by my post i have no clue on magento structure or the coding methods :oops:

    many thanks