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    This is a great theme and I have been playing anruod, mostly translating it to french to adapt it for my website.I have a couple of problems though:1- Like many people, the images in the slider do not show. I have setup the images using the image key with the image path and it’s still a no go. I’m using IE8 and when I go to my website, I see a black box with a line that actually shows that the image is currently loading except it stays that way. Everything is setup properly with my host (both GD and timthumb), so I’m not quite sure what to do from here.2- How do I change the character set so that the accents on letters will show? (e9, e0, e8, etc )3- How can I reduce the font size for the name of my website? I know my name is long, but I’d like to fit it all in there unless I change for a banner I tried looking in header.php but I couldn’t find anything there Thanks for helping out!