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    HI Marcelo,I am so sorry for the super long delayed resnspoe. I appreciate your patience and hope that one of the solutions below work for you.Right now there is no built in way to turn off or disable the LightBox javascript code, except to turn the LightBox feature itself off. You may turn the LightBox on and off in the CataBlog Options panel under the LightBox tab. If you wanted to toggle the LightBox feature before and after making new catalog items, then you would effectively be removing the code at the bottom of the page. This works by turning on LightBox before adding any new items to your catalog, then turning LightBox off afterwards, which will stop the script from being rendered at the bottom of your page. You are now free to create your own JavaScript call to catablogLightbox()The other option would involve hacking the plugin, I will document it here but do not suggest anyone hack the plugin directly. On line 111 of the CataBlog.class.php file in the lib directory is a line of code that should be removed or commented out. Simple add two forward slashes at the beginning of the line of code and the script will no longer be rendered at the footer.111 // add_action(‘wp_print_footer_scripts’, array(&$this, ‘frontend_footer’));I will have to add a way to let people edit this script in the LightBox options, perhaps in the upcoming release.