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    This fixes the problem on the iphone side, but the desktop template now doesn’t work properly. Here is why:

    1. There is no longer a need to insert line break HTML code in the editor, the iphone template thus doesn’t show any code.
    2. The desktop template displays the content without any line breaks, the description is all one big block of words. The only way to break down the sentences is by adding the HTML code, which effectively adds code back into the iphone template.

    I tried separating the attribute properties by store view, so that the desktop template was one way and the iphone template was another, but this didn’t work. I think the reason is that I have the template set up so that it will detect the iphone browser to display the iphone template automatically. The problem with this it seems is that I cannot make individual changes to the different store views because the iphone template will always inherit the attribute properties of the default store view. Any suggestions to make this work? Currently I have to make at least one sacrifice, either the content on the desktop has no paragraph breaks or the iphone content shows code.