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    Yes i did. But: as mentioned i have to use “home” as identifier for my main theme (for desktop devices), so i cant choose Storeview 1 & 2 – I have to use all store views to get it working. Additionally there is a lack of documention on
    Please look at the site:

    “Setting up the Homepage
    To setup your homepage, you will need to go to (CMS → Manage Pages). Select “Home Page”, with the identifier as “home”. Scroll down and look for “Content”, inside that you will have to input your homepage code. Please copy and paste the code below:

    If you have HelloTonic, don’t need another Homepage. If you only want to show HelloToniciPhone as a store on th…”

    Code below? There is nothing shown up. Inside the code areas for the static blocks code, there is only this shown
    {{block type=”catalog/product_list” category_id=”3″ . . .
    which is obviously incomplete.

    Site is (abc / abc for htaccess)