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    hello have the complete package partly filled with colored canvas with total of 4 on the server.

    The following folders were created:

    1st hello canvas
    2nd hellocanvas_blue
    3rd hellocanvas_green
    4th hellocanvas_orange

    gates in the standard I use the standart theme hello canvas (1) (pink) also works. now I want another store with a different theme eg hellocanvas_orange cap.

    the usual settings in system / design / themes / in the relevant store, I have made. fields in the relevant themes-I in each case “hellocanvas_orange entered” and the whole stored. However, no design change is made in the frontend. I have also deleted the cache.

    in addition, e.g. CMS in the area / site only manage the standart theme “hello canvas” available for selection. hellocanvas_orange and the other themes are missing and are not at all to choose from. clearly recognizes the system folder not the other – right?

    what’s going on? how do I proceed?

    thanks for your tips!