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    Well the YouTube vid has been deleted as it was from the English Pokemon The First Movie. Dr. Fugi, the lead stecniist, was trying to bring back his daughter whose spirit was contained and brainwaves were monitored and and looked like the aurora friend’ deoxys created. 4 clones, charmander2, bulbasaur2, squirtle2, mew2, and Amber2 interacted telepathically, then they all died (except mew2) causing him to cry some of Amber’s last words were Daddy told me pokemon tears were full of life’ (this explains Ash’s revival which made no sense previously) Mew2 becomes extremely upset and a serum is administered to wipe his memory. This is what causes him to be a jerk. Mew, your brother was angsty because he was grieving and couldn’t remember why. Dr. Fugi ONLY AGREED TO MAKE CLONES FOR ROCKET BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO GET HIS DAUGHTER BACK, so not evil. I suggest trying to find a similar vid if you can.