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    Bennet:Regarding Artisteer themes bcemoing outdated, that’s just inevitable given that rapid nature of WordPress development, but it actually appears to very well support WordPress 3.0 currently, which really only accounts for the menu system.Sadly, almost all the themes on the Web Stylee site were made pre-Wordpress 2.8 so they don’t have the menu functionality. And I don’t think anyone in their right mind has the time to update 200+ themes. :) I’m working on my own theme framework currently and generally could use informational help to expedite the process so I very much appreciate the invitation. It seems we also share a love for Scripture so I’m sure we’ll be talking a bit more on your blog.@ Siohban Ambroe:I do hope you realize the tongue-in-cheek nature of my comment. I’m rarely to be taken seriously and I very much enjoyed your post. In fact, Web Stylee isn’t really to be taken too seriously either. I was sort of hoping people would end up visiting for the humorous slant behind it all.