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    Probably my fault for asking in the How To area instead of the Jynxx area. I see many of these types of questions get answered in the actual extension area.

    Funny prior to signing up I read bad reviews about the support. I was assured otherwise. Well, I’ve no problem with them not answering my questions if the answers were documented somewhere. And if they are I’d have no problem with them just telling me where to look. But I’ve searched the forum and the style.css and such and have been unable to locate the answers I need in this case. Ample documentation or forum support is fine with me. Neither is painful.

    As per it not being “their” issue but magenetos…Well I set up another store (non-hellothemes) and the poll is fine. No spacing issues, no bold choice text. so it IS something to do with the HelloThemes.

    As per the twitter sidebar…I don’t know. just guessing it would take somebody familiar with it 10 secs to set me straight.

    Yet a week has passed and nothing.