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    That’s the weird thing, all of the things you have mentioned are correct!

    • I did change the category ID to 3, which is the active category I want to show
    • The category is active
    • The products are in stock
    • Products are active


    what do you mean with “I cannot get the category navigation menu to display as the main navigation menu.”?

    What I mean is, I have created categories with products in them, but the menu does not show up in the theme. It should be under the logo on the left and its not there. Do I need to do something more?

    Also, your theme must be configured in System>Configuration>Design, not in System>Design.

    Then why does the tutorial here say the opposite? In the installation instructions it says:

    Log in to your backend of your Magento Administration and go to “System” →”Design”. Click “Add Design Change”. In “Custom Design” select your theme from the drop down and click “Save”.

    I have done everything I am supposed to do but neither the carousel or the menu are working.