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    Hello Themes
    Key Master


    Yes this can easily be done, please backup your template before proceding.


    1. Open up app/design/frontend/default/hellouno/layout/newsletter.xml


    Replace with:

    Quick Links:

    1. Create a new .phtml page and save it to app/design/frontend/default/hellouno/template/callouts/ and name it “quicklinks.phtml”.

    The file location should be:


    2. In quicklinks.phtml add the following code:

    3. Now go to ‘app/design/frontend/default/hellouno/layout/catalog.xml

    4. Find:

    <block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.vertnav" template="catalog/navigation/vert_nav.phtml" before="currency" />

    and replace with:

    <block type="core/template" name="quick.links" template="callouts/quick_links.phtml" before="-" />

    Inserting Static Block your custom quick links:

    1. Go to the Backend of your Magento store, go to CMS > Static Blocks > Add new Block.

    2. Add the following parameters:

    Block Title: Quick Links (This can be changed to whatever title you like)
    Store View: All Store Views
    Status: Enabled

    Now just replace the links, with your own. Remember to go to System > Cache Management and refresh your cache.

    Hope that helped! Thanks. :-)