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    I’ll post an updated vesrion of the eye motion studies and send you an email with the link if RapidShare won’t let me overwrite the existing file. The logo and banner take up almost 2/3 of the screen on my widescreen laptop (1280 768, I think.) That’s a lot of lost space. Yes, I meant the recent posts. The basic idea is that people look at the upper left first so that’s where the most dynamic elements of the site should exist. SnapFiles does something similar, they force the user to page down quite a bit to find the new entries. Both SnapFile and freewaregenius look horrible with the borwser thumbnail views because you can’t see if there is new content. techbargains does this as well. I’d think you could push the banner stuff to the right column and play with font sizes and, perhaps, column widths, to have a more glance-friendly design. Love the color scheme. The grey clearly defines areas without demanding too much attention. Bravo!