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    HI Guillermo,

    You are correct I was and finally figured it out and now have it working. Just a friendly comment as this is my first experience working with you guys. You have conflicting documentation (at least for this theme) that made this confusing. Specifically on defining the static blocks within the CMS – Depending on if I looked at the PDF Instructions, the included folder in the theme called STATIC BLocks, or the Online Support Documentation by THEME.

    I found different sets of code for each block.

    In fact the one that I thought would have been correct – which were the text files attached in the theme caused those sections on the home page to produce bogus text on the page itself.

    Thanks for your response – now that I have it working I will start looking for the documentation that will allow me to make changes to the theme or add additional static sections. Just as replacing the twitter section with a facebook badge.