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    Hey Guillermo,

    Sorry for my delayed response. I have taken a screenshot of the issue I was describing in my original post (link below)

    In the screenshot you can see that even though a user is in the “My Account” section, the “Home” tab is still selected. I wrote more of a description on the screenshot itself.

    So coming back to my original question, is it possible to make changes so that when a user goes to the “My Account” section (or any other section in that level of navigation), the corresponding section tab is highlighted so that there is a visual indication as to what section the user is in. Also, is it possible to de-select the “Home” tab while in these sections?

    I haven’t seen any other posts about this, so maybe I am just not understanding something. If so, please do let me know! :wink:

    Hope all this makes sense.

    Thanks again for your assistance!

    (btw… if the image in the link I posted isn’t very clear, you can choose to download it. It seems the gallery is scaling it quite poorly! )