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    I installed Magento and still have the same problem , I will send more details below with print screens :

    Here is a link from a print screen showing the blank page in “My Orders” :

    The blank page issue is happening with the following 7 “My Account” pages: 1- My Orders , 2-Billing Agreements , 3-Recurring Profiles , 4-My Product Reviews , 5-My Tags , 6-My Wishlist , 7-My Downloadable Products;

    Account Dashboard , Account Information , Address Book and Newsletter Subscriptions pages are OK without issues , here is print screen showing the account dashboard page:

    Note in the print screen above that I’ve placed an order , the orders appear in the backend and in the account dashboard but clients can’t access order details and other 6 pages from “My Account” in the frontend.

    I’ve tested with magento 1.4.2 , and , the problem happened with all versions. If I change to default theme the pages shows OK….. I’m starting to think there is an issue with the files I’ve downloaded.

    The same blank page issue is happening in the demo store ( ) with magento 1.4.2

    Anyone that downloaded helloglam recently is having the same issue? Guillermo , or someone from the support team , can you check what is the issue in the demo store and let me know so I can fix it in my system too?

    I’ve checked some helloglam stores from other members here and it is working fine , anyone can help me to solve this?