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    Hi Guillermo,

    Thanks for sending them over so quickly. :)

    unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. :( the ‘Block Reference’ drop down menu is still empty??

    I put the two files, widget.xml and widget.css in appdesignfrontenddefaulthellounoetc
    I cleared the cache
    Goto CMS > Widgets > New Widget Instance
    Select the type (CMS) and design = default/hellouno
    In Add Layout Update
    Display on ‘All Pages’
    Block Reference = Please Select (this is the bit that is empty)

    If I choose default/default instead of default/hellouno then the drop down is populated with ‘left column’, ‘right column’, etc etc. so it looks like it is definately theme related.

    Any idea what might still be missing?

    This is not the end of the world – I only want to add social bookmark tags, but if you know what the problem might be that would be great.