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    then, Artiseer presents plmerbos of its own. According to the current Artiseer datasheet, the application only supports WordPress versions 2.5 2.7 (March December 2008), which means that Artiseer-generated Themes are going to be woefully out-of-date with respect to WordPress functionality, and may present any number of issues due to use of deprecated function calls.Do yourself a favor, and take the next step by freeing yourself from relying on Artiseer. It wouldn’t be that difficult, your Themes will improve, and your users will thank you. (And as a bonus, you’d be able to submit your Themes to the WordPress Theme Repository should you so choose.)I’ll even offer to help you, if you’d like!(p.s. kudos to you, for properly applying the CC-Att license to your Themes without requiring public-facing attribution links! It’s refreshing to see someone not abusing/mis-applying that license.)