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    You named the class “BelowOffers” and the static block “BelowOffiers” ( note the typo ) , change the static block name to “BelowOffers”

    I checked the css , didn’t like much the way you positioned the “offers” div outside the “promo” div with negative margin-top -595px , it would be better if you put it inside the promo div , the same with the new static block you created ( BelowOffers ) , if you want if bellow the “offers” div put it inside the “promo” div , just make sure you have the “promo-right” div on top of the others with float right followed by the other 3 div’s with float left , then you will need to do some minor css changes to adjust the positions

    Here is a link with a print screen showing the result: , I edited the size and background-color of the new static block to make it visible

    If you can’t do that changes let me know and I will send you the html and css codes.