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    Hey Robert,

    I’m in the same boat, not impressed at all with the slow pace of new theme releases. I actually signed up last year as a club member, and didn’t realize that I had agreed to an annual billing via PayPal when I signed up originally. After a few months of waiting on new themes, I moved on. Then a few months ago my PayPal account got hit for the annual fee. Another $99 wasted.

    To point out their slow pace, they released HelloSixty in Feb 2011 – 16 months ago. Since then, they have released no more than 9 themes. Based on what we are sold, there should be 32 new themes since then. I have a feeling that they consider the iPhone and Magento Go versions of the theme as separate themes when claiming to offer 2 new themes a month, but even by that count they are short by a third.

    On the positive side, at least they do offer some new themes here. I signed up for theme club earlier this year, only to find that none of their themes worked with Magento 1.5, let alone the newer builds, and that they hadn’t added a new theme in almost 8 months at the time I signed up.

    My suggestion is to send a polite but stern email to the admins requesting a refund. Also ensure you remember to cancel the PayPal billing agreement that is in place when you originally paid for the annual membership.