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    Hi Steve,Just wanted to say thnaks for the theme.I had to make it fit the design of the rest of my site so I must confess that after I modified it a lot it doesn’t look much like the original (but I kept the links back to your site).As a WordPress newbie I mainly wanted to see how a three column theme can be implemented.Against some others’ opinions I would say that a 3-col theme doesn’t necessarily appear too busy to look at: for my site I reduced the sidebar widths a bit so that long articles could be in a wider middle column.As a php newbie I was glad I could see at once the places where adsense code could be included in the templates.To me, the name Talian reminded me of Italian or italics.I found your css a bit hard to understand especially about widths/margins/padding but my friend (better at css than I am) had it sorted out pretty quickly.Anyway, thnaks again.