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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the offer but with a clear head today I wiped the server and did a complete fresh install. Disabled the wishlist and it’s working :D

    Had a few other problems but have managed to rectify those with the help of the forum as some of the HelloThemes documentation is out of date!

    Couple of things not working:-

    1) Can’t get the slider to appear on the front page. Have setup the static block as per the documentation with helloslide as the identifier.

    Any idea what maybe wrong? I know everything is uploaded correct because if I put the html direct into the homepage the slideshow works but I would like to know how to do it correctly using the blocks. Maybe the identifier in the documentation is wrong?

    2) The promotion & Discounts heading is not being displayed

    3) On the top navigation links there is a page icon appear top right?