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    Ok, here there are the answers to your questionnaire:

    1) to change the color of the theme: in your magento admin-panel, go to: system > configuration > select HelloClean from the dropdown menu > go to Design > in Skin field, write helloclean_red > Save the changes.

    2) all that images are in: /skin/frontend/default/helloclean/images To change the logo, first add the image in that folder, and then go to: System > configuration >select the theme > design > under the Header options you have to write the name of the logo’s file.

    3) Only HelloUpload is not working correctly, we are making the extension new, so it will not give issues. We will post it on the site when finished.-

    4) If you download the extension package “HelloBundle”, inside it you will find the instrucions to install each extension.

    5) go to: skin/frontend/default/yourtheme/js/custom.js and edit this: