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    For give me hello themes and Guillermo..for not reading instruction..ths are the its working fine..

    1) The first step is you create your gmail account (
    2) Once the account go to https: / / / talk / service / badge / New account where we set our gTalk (badge).
    3) There are going to Edit to edit the preferences of our own.
    4) For a correct view go to:
    Title = Nick
    Style = “Two line basic”
    * Select “Show your status message” to display our status in the store.
    5) Save the badge.
    6) Right there we see a code like this:

    <Iframe src = “; allowtransparency = “true” width = “200″ frameborder = “0″ height = “60″> </ iframe>

    Copy this code then tk = (so z01q6aml5b7pbiaikjgou7msr5ubi8hlt467t7tim6b19bpv6bb6041dgmq38m6310 &).

    7) To set HelloChat, go to System -> Configuration.
    8) In the menu on the left to go to the tab HelloThemes and once there click on Hello Chat.
    9) In the configuration form we enter the name Wizard Wizard Code and paste the code that we copied in step 6 gTalk.
    10) Edit the other settings, such as Title, we make the right column and / or left to display the extension in the store, etc..
    11) Select Save Settings.
    12) now you can chat..