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    This is a rock solid book with great, practical advcie on how to create a WordPress theme. The style is very relaxed and conversational yet to the point. I felt like the author just came by and hung out with me at my pc, teaching me how to create a WordPress theme. I’ve been using WordPress for years, but never had the time or discipline to track down all I would need to know to do this. The pictures and examples are great, all the code can be downloaded from the book’s web site. I learned a lot not just about designing a theme for WordPress, but also gained some great tips on working with XHTML, CSS and how to troubleshoot both as well as Java Script. I’d say a reader wants to have some familiarity with editing text files, sending them to a server and html. I thought the book did a great job of explaining anything else that would be needed. And I mention sending files to a server but instructions are given for installing a local setup for testing. One could learn what this book has to offer without actually sending files out to a remote host. Just a great book that I found to be extremely helpful to someone with no web design background, but I want my blogs to be more unique.