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    at GDC, games should teach us sonmhtieg that we can use in our daily lives. I disagreed, but in my heart of hearts I agree 150%. When you fully explore a theme you are giving your audience multiple opportunities to connect with your game. It is in that connection that we become/learn/understand and I would like to simply say, find joy.I think too many technical designers out there try to systematize EVERYTHING. Systems are great, they are important, and they provide a logical mental structure so the player can better understand the worlds we create for them, i.e. through tools, interface, logic etc. Then lose contact with the overall experience they are trying to give the player.In the end the designer/writer/creator must infuse/inform those systems with some sort of creative content. In the end, life must be breathed into the game; and where does that come from? I believe that comes from personal expression. A game about everything might ultimately be a game about nothing. As a designer; have a voice, have an idea, just don’t think about the mechanics. Think about where you want to _take_ the player.