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    Hi Guillermo,

    It took me a while to figure it out, mainly because there were more sliders and pagers on the page… while on the backend I only found 1 (at least in the code where I was looking). Apparently what has happend:
    1. I installed hellothemes by hand
    2. I put in the settings by hand
    3. at the end of the manual it said… we can do this automatically for you… (should have been at the beginning of the setup guide)
    4. I installed another theme
    5. I did not like that one and reinstalled the coco theme (automatic of course)
    6. I never realized it doesn’t overwrite the cms static pages, it just adds them. So in the end I ended up with multiple sliders, multiple pagers etc.

    So for anyone using automatic installation, make sure all the static blocks are gone before the install, or go through them after installation, that will save you some time.

    The whole thing goes wrong when using the hello slide module! for some reason this adds some strange code and messes up the whole theme. I did not figure out what happens yet, but I know one thing for sure… unfortunately the hello slide module doesn’t work as it should. Any suggestions on when that will be fixed? (I understood from other forum subjects more people are having trouble with it.)

    Kind regards,