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    Finnaly i got it working as it should. Thanks for the support. Apparently our magento host had some special setup with cron jobs overriding some of my changes to protect users from messing up their own framework. Since we aren't using that framework it all got messed up after we added the bundle files and had a fatal error. Anyway, it is solved now and I'm off to show it for my boss to see if he is happy enough with the base so i can get to work. The HelloUno you recommended is another one im gonna have to show him. Since I liked that quite a bit myself. Furthermore there seem to be an css issue when using list as display style in product listings. You get a the picture, a big gap, and then a small column of text, then a big gap again. Looks like the width from grid is used for the text. Guess I'll look into adding the 3 column for this one today. Unless you guys already have the updated .xml files to get 3 column laying around? Once again, thank you so much for the quick replys. That is not common in the magento world ;)