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    Hi Mark, to change the speed of the slider in HelloMix, go to: skinfrontenddefaulthellomixjshello.jquery.js line 873 ,you should find this:

    // default configuration properties
    var defaults = {
    prevId: ‘prevBtn’,
    prevText: ‘Previous’,
    nextId: ‘nextBtn’,
    nextText: ‘Next’,
    controlsShow: true,
    controlsBefore: ”,
    controlsAfter: ”,
    controlsFade: true,
    firstId: ‘firstBtn’,
    firstText: ‘First’,
    firstShow: false,
    lastId: ‘lastBtn’,
    lastText: ‘Last’,
    lastShow: false,
    vertical: false,
    speed: 1000, (change to 4000 or 5000)
    auto: false,
    pause: 3000,
    continuous: true,
    numeric: false,
    numericId: ‘controls’

    Hope that helps!.-