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    I went and cleared all the cache. Is this supposed to fix the homepage slider, or does this have to do with the footer.phtml w/ catalog.xml and catalogsearch.xml question? I haven’t tried editing the footer and xml files yet, but will give it a go, but the header slider and homepage layout is still not working.

    I believe I need you to go in and edit the homepage block to get the slider to work. I have not enabled either of the homepages from the starter data under ADMIN>CMS>PAGES since they don’t match them theme. What I want is exactly what you have on the demo and what used to be there for my homepage before the upgrade to 1.4…the header slider and the body content with the left-side bar sections (MY CART, COMPARE PRODUCTS, etc.) and the main content of OUR LATEST PRODUCTS.

    Can you please get my site to match the demo, the upgrade to 1.4 apparently killed this layout. THANKS!