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    I really liked this theme for it’s poitaetnl. I liked the design, I loved the cost, and I felt initially it would work perfectly for what I planned to do. Now as I get more popular, and the quality of my posts gets better, I need something that can and does the things that I want it to. In theory this is a great theme. It is simple to a point, but that would make it easier for a noob to latch on to it and make something great. However, the featured article item is difficult to use, even for a almost wordpress pro. Also the actual posting is weird when it comes to headings and usability of type sets and fonting. They never turn out the way they are suppose to, and I am constantly previewing my post to tweek it just a little bit to get anywhere close to what I want. Anyways, I am not downing the theme I do love it, and if and when these fixes come in to play, I may use it again. Until then friends, great attempt.