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    Hello :D thanks for the update and guidance. Hence I ask would it be possible to have a common navigation menu made of static links for the varied sites in different sub-domains [a bit like the home button] but once the link is clicked, that particular menu would be updated with the relevant drop down menus, when the sub-domain site loads.

    Let me give an example:

    Common nav menu with static links for the:

    Home [main site] | Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3

    When I click Site 1 – I am taken to the sub-domain of site 1 and on the site 1 navigation menu I will have the following:

    Home [main site] | Site 1 | Site 2 | Site 3
    SubCat 1
    SubCat 2

    Obviously SubCat1, SubCat2 will be drop-down of Site1

    Regs Fab