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    I have found another fix for this issue. The problem is indeed with the .clear class in the IE stylesheet.

    You need to edit skin/frontend/default/hellominty/css/iestyles.css

    Replace the last line

    .clear { display:block; clear:both; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; overflow:hidden; }


    .clear { clear: both; }

    and Hey Presto, the product pages re-appear in both IE6 and IE7.

    You will also need to edit skin/frontend/default/hellominty_blue/css/iestyles.css and skin/frontend/default/hellominty_pink/css/iestyles.css if you use the blue or pink themes.

    I don’t know what all the additional properties were for in the .clear class. I hope removing them doesn’t break some other page. Maybe Gaspar can comment.