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    Hello Jonathan, sorry for the delay.

    To correct this, go to: /app/design/frontend/default/helloclean/template/wishlist/view.phtml

    Find this: <div class=”page-head” and add this style=”text-align:left;” should look like this:
    <div class=”page-head” style=”text-align:left;”>

    Also, find this: <textarea name=”description[<?php echo $item->getWishlistItemId() ?>]“….
    add to it this:
    style=”min-width:273px; min-height:140px;”

    Should look like this:

    <textarea name=”description[<?php echo $item->getWishlistItemId() ?>]” style=”min-width:273px; min-height:140px;” rows=”3″ cols=”5″ onfocus=”focusComment(this)” onblur=”focusComment(this)” title=”<?php echo $this->__(‘Comment’) ?>”><?php echo $this->getCommentValue($item); ?></textarea>

    Then find the last <td (line 87) just before the </tr>, and add this: style=”min-width:51px;

    Should look like this: <td style=”min-width:51px;”>

    That’s it, if this doesn’t help you, please send us an e-mail to support(at)hellothemes(dot)com
    so we can send you the file.

    Kind regards.-