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    Hi Guys, First things first - what a cracking job you are doing on the themes, they look great. I know what Magneto can be like with install new versions etc, a pain in the backside.

    I really like how you have created an easy upload app and news app :), but I do think you maybe should have Beta tested it a bit more. But as a web developer I know you need to get the money in to pay for all the hard work and effort. Once this is cracked i.e. tutorial videos and pdf manuals you guys will make a mint :) and well done for all the hard work.

    Ok, I have a problem with the Hello Upload as well :(, I'm getting the same error as J Gregory Hass, I have tried downloading the latest version to no avail! I am running Magento Version 1.4.1, I have checked my file permissions and they are correct 777. Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks Massiveatac, Keep up the great work chaps.