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    To remove the arrow: skin/frontend/default/hellosixty/css/styles.css

    Line 304, add display:none;

    #slide .arrow{background: url(“../images/arrow-thumbs.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;height: 19px;position: absolute;top: 327px;width: 34px;left: 72px;z-index: 20;z-index: 9999;}

    Regarding iPhone themes:

    “in one place it says to do install through your installer. In another place, it says, don’t do that – it doesn’t work” You might read posts were we said that, because it wasn’t working in that time!. Now HelloUpload is working, but only for the themes it specifies. iPhone themes are not available for now.

    We will implement a new support system in the next days. The support will be given as support tickets.-