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    Hi Guillermo,

    1. HelloMini and HelloCanvas_Iphone was developped by you
    2. It was a simple question how to disable HelloSlide when iphone_Theme is active
    3. I’ve paid for both of them, and I think a simple answer would be enough instead of telling me about the support policy.

    When I buy a phone and I don’t know how to disable ore enable a function, I have the alternative to read the manual – does your theme or extension have a manual? NO!

    So, if I have a manual but I cannot find the section, I’ve the alternative to call the customer support and I’m sure they will help me. Do you have an custommer support service? -NO

    So the third alternative is to use the support forum, to find a solution … and when I cannot find the solution so I’ve the alternative to ask the developpers.

    I didn’t ask a general question about magento, I asked a question about your developped theme / extension .. and you tell me about support policy? ARE YOU NUTS?

    OK, I’ll try my luck on magento support … and I’m sure I’ll refer to your support policy and to your support service on every time when I ask someone. THAT MY CUSTOMER POLICY!!