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    Hi Asif, here you have the instructions:

    The main characteristic of HelloChat is that you need to have a Gmail account in order to offer online support.
    1) Create a gmail account (
    2) Once we have the account, have to go to: were we are going to configure the gTalk (badge) account.
    3) there, go to Edit, so you can set up the preferences of your account.
    4) In order to have a correct visualisation, go to: Title = Nick
    Style = “Two line basic”
    choose: “Show your status message” so you your clients can see your status in the store.
    5) Save the badge.
    6) There you shoud see the following code:
    <iframe src=”; allowtransparency=”true” width=”200″ frameborder=”0″ height=”60″></iframe>

    then copy the code that is next to “tk=”, in this case is:

    7) To configure HelloChat, go to: System -> Configuration
    8 ) On the left-hand menu, go to HelloThemes, and then click in HelloChat.
    9) In the configuration form, under Assistant, entered the Assistant name, and in Code paste the code of gTalk that you copied on the 6º step.
    10) Edit the others configratiosn, like Titule, allow the lef or right column to visualize the extension on the store, etc.
    11) Select, “save configuration”.
    12) That´s it, now you can offer online support from your store!.-

    We are going to update all the instructions of the extensions, in English and Spanish.-