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    Hello Themes
    Key Master

    Hi Tom,

    1. To resize the slider height, open up skin/frontend/default/hellowear/css/custom.css search and find:
    #slider li, #slider2 li {

    change the attribute height to your licking.

    2. To change product to list you will need to bare with us we are currently in progress of releasing tutorials.

    3. The store info are built in magento links, this can be edited but needs coding skills.

    4. To change the about thewearstore add a new static block with an identified of “footerInfo”. Type in desired content.

    5. To remove the hellothemes logo you will need to open up app/design/frontend/default/hellowear/template/page/html/footer.phtml and edit lines around 42-45.

    Hope that helps.