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    It is very sad the media, I bought the issue to streamline my life, but it was a big disappointment.

    I think the beautiful themes, but the forum takes too long to respond, should also have tutorials explaining the use of extensions on the chosen topic.

    Published the theme and extensions several times, and the problem is not solved, I have the msn of someone from the team, because the forum actually takes any of the serious.

    Why do that with your clients?

    I am almost a month trying to install the theme, and not yet tweaked the layout, please ask a decent service, I can not stand this situation anymore, I have to leave the hellothemes and start a campaign against here in Brazil, I think it would be the only way not to deceive many people.

    I graduated in publicity and advertising and work with various agencies, always bought many tools for creating websites and I was super excited about the topics Hellothemes.

    I hope when you read my rant, take action and to change the way they work.