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    Thanks for the input but you’ve left me baffled…

    This is what I ALREADY have in styles.css:

    .product-info-box { float:right; width:363px; }
    .product-img-box { float:left; width:322px; }

    So apart from the width of 363 – 380 px both styles are already the same… :?

    I tried setting a layout change to a single product to 2 columns left bar and also 2 columns right bar and the layout gets totally screwed…

    What I’m trying to do exactly is change the current default product layout from a 1 column layout to a 2 column layout.

    When you say, “The media you have on product pages is also too big, and changing the embedded code will fix this.” can you be more specific?

    Also, when you say, “There are a lot of minor details that need changing” can you again be more specific?