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    I found a bug this morning when sonoeme is from the US. When sonoeme is purchasing from the states the BillingState and DeliveryState fields are mandatory but are not taken into account with this plugin.To fix I amended /app/code/community/MSInternet/Sagepayform/Model/Standard.php as follows:Line 198:// add america billing stateif ($billing->getCountry()== US ) { $queryPairs['BillingState'] = $billing->getRegionCode();}Line 216: // add america delivery stateif ($shipping->getCountry()== US ) { $queryPairs['DeliveryState'] = $shipping->getRegionCode();}Line 231:// add america delivery stateif ($shipping->getCountry()== US ) { $queryPairs['DeliveryState'] = ;}Hope that helps.. and thanks for an awesome plug-in. I wrote a post on my blog about this plugin as it saved my bacon when looking for SagePay Form integration