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    As we discussed oflifne, the gap you’ve noticed when viewing with firefox will soon be filled with navigation links that will appear with your second posting. Your border issue appears to be due to the Comment Quicktags plugin. I may not get to look at it for the next release, but will eventually test the theme with the plugin to figure out what’s going on. Until then, I’ll happily accept a patch if you or someone else fixes the issue.@Bert: The background image isn’t the only thing that changes between the one-column and two-column versions. The div containers change size as well, so you’ll need to handle those differences in CSS styling somehow. You could either pass the one-colum stylesheet instead of the two-column, or just ferret out the few lines that are different and include them some other way. You may also want to check out , which are designed to allow you to do this kind of thing.As far as redoing the theme without image backgrounds, it’s only easier if you do it for me ;) . You can’t create complex design elements (or even simple ones like rounded corners) with pure CSS, though, so you’ll have to make some visual changes. While the layout strategy isn’t perfect, it works on a variety of browsers and is well tested. Plus it was fully formed when I started modifying Wuhan to make Wucoco, and nothing could be easier than reusing mature code.